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Department of Poultry Science

The Department of Poultry Science started its journey since September 1964 with the objectives of teaching, research and extension for increasing the poultry production through producing skilled manpower in the field of modern poultry production. The department currently offers 15 and 2 courses to the students of B.Sc. A.H. (Hons.) and DVM respectively. The department has also been offering MS and PhD degrees since its establishment. A group of well-qualified teachers specialized in different areas of Poultry Science are involved in teaching and research activities under this department.

Conducting research of international standard is one of the mandates of this department. There are facilities available for conducting researches in the field of poultry feed and nutrition, nutritional biotechnology, poultry management, hatchery operation, layer and broiler production and egg quality. All research activities are performed through faculty laboratory and field laboratory (Poultry Farm) under the direct supervision of the department. Both the under-graduate and postgraduate students are attached to the poultry farm, where they routinely gain their hands-on knowledge in poultry production. This department takes part in various extension programs related to poultry production, processing and marketing. As recognition of valuable contribution to the country’s agricultural development, the Department of Poultry Science has been awarded the President Gold Medal in 1978-79.

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Dr. Md. Shahidur  Rahman
Dr. Md. Shahidur Rahman



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